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Wild Chinook Salmon • Organic Oceans

  • Wild BC Chinook Salmon Portion, 6 oz 
  • Price per portion
  • Portions are skin-on & boneless
  • Frozen & individually vacuum packed


What is Wild Chinook Salmon?

Chinook Salmon are also called Spring Salmon, and got its name after the indigenous Chinookan peoples of the Pacific Northwest. In the US, these salmon are often referred to as King Salmon since they are the largest wild salmon species and can grow up to 100 lbs. Our chinook salmon are harvested using seine nets off the west coast of Vancouver Island. Since these stocks are caught at the mouth of the specific river systems on Vancouver Island that they are returning back to, this is a highly targeted, well managed fishery. While most wild salmon species spend 1 - 3 years at sea, Wild Spring Salmon will spend up to 5 years at sea before returning to spawn. Our Chinook Salmon has a dense meaty texture, rich fatty consistency and is full of flavour

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