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Cold Water Ocean Shrimp • Organic Oceans

  • Wild Cooked/Peeled Ocean Shrimp, 1 lb bags. - Ocean Wise
  • Price per 1 lb bag.
  • 250/350 count per lb.
  • Cooked, Peeled.
  • Shrimp individually quick frozen and packed in vacuum packed bags



What is Cold Water Ocean Shrimp?

Our Ocean Shrimp come from a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fishery and are sustainably harvested off the west coast of Oregon using otter trawl gear. Using high tech peeling equipment and state of the art freezing technology means a superior texture and flavour. These shrimp are cooked, peeled, graded for size, (250/350 ct) then packed into 1 lb. bags making it a super convenient, ready to eat dining experience

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