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Wild Pacific Cod Portions • Ocean Organics

  • Wild Alaskan Pacific Cod Portions
  • vacuum packed - Ocean Wise.
  • Sold in 6oz portion
  • Boneless, skinless

What is Wild Alaskan Pacific Cod?

Also known as Grey/Gray Cod, True Cod or Alaska Cod, our Wild Pacific Cod are longline (hook and line) caught in the pristine waters of the Bering Sea in Alaska and then frozen at sea.  Once the vessels return back to Seattle, the fish are then produced into portions, vacuum packed and then refrozen.  A Seafood Watch best choice as well as Ocean Wise approved means the stocks are abundant and fishing is sustainable.  Pacific Cod portions have a lean mild flavour with large flakes and a tender firm texture. This white fish is one of the leanest sources of protein with a cooked 6 oz portion containing 30 grams of protein and only 1 g of fat

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